Skyward Charity Group is currently assisting Little Ruby, a place of safety, in Hillbrow that houses 20 BABIES, ranging from the ages of three months to four years. All the babies at Little Ruby’s are neglected, abused and/or abandoned. Many of the babies come from prostitutes that reside in Hillbrow and the surrounding areas. This home is run by an amazing couple, who have given up everything in order to take care of these children.Little Ruby’s does not receive any funding or sponsorship and thus only have the bare necessities, this is where Skyward Charity Group has come in to help.


We have created PROJECT BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT, a fundraising initiative to raise 1.5 million rand to buy a new premise, to relocate Little Ruby to a safer and more secure area in Centurion. Our aim is build a home that will be fully equipped to accommodate 30 babies and 8 staff members. The premises will also be used as an aftercare centre for the less fortunate children of Olievenhoutbosch, which will be run in conjunction with Siyanqoba Feeding Foundation. Siyanqoba currently feeds 250 afterschool from a small holding in Olievenhoutbosch.


  • Formula – new born to 4 years old

  • Nappies – new born to 4 years old

  • Any non-perishable food – tinned food, soup, 2 min noodles, mielie meal, rice, samp, cooking old, tinned fish

  • Blankets

  • Small foam mattresses (20)

  • A big foam/sponge/rubber baby mat for babies to sit and play on

  • Nebuliser

  • Wet wipes

  • Baby Towels and bibs

  • Bum cream

  • Baby powder

  • Baby lotion/ shampoo/ soap

  • Baby medical kit

  • Basic first aid kit

  • Camping cots 

  • Nappy disposer bin

  • Baby clothes and shoes – new born to 4 years old

  • Adult clothes and shoes for the care givers

  • Teething toys and educational toys

  • Prams / carry seats

  • Air purifier

*Any monetary donation to help build a new place of safety


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